Tuesday, 12 June 2018


The fun has just started! You’re finally going home with your little bundle of joy! The feeling can be both surreal and nerve-wracking as well. But mommies make sure you are equipped with all the baby and lady-essentials as well!

We all know how much babies can poop and pee in the initial few days. Just when you change a diaper, you hear a pattttarrrr sound and look at the sheepish expression on your baby’s face. Diaper duty begins again. Lo & behold! You’ve just changed the diaper, but the baby decided there was still some poo left, and there you go again! As if this wasn’t enough, just when you change for the third time, the baby decides to pee mid-action. Umm…so the diaper is wet in parts even before the baby wore it…Should you or shouldn’t you still make him wear it? Hahahah! True story!

As if the comedy wasn’t enough, you realize the joke is on you. After vaginal delivery, most women experience heavy flow for a few weeks. This may be slightly reduced for women who have a C-sec delivery. Bleeding goes from heavy to light, and mostly goes on for 2-3 weeks.
So while you may have stocked up on new-born size diapers in plenty, with each wave of hand bringing a fresh diaper magically in your hands, we often forget how many sanitary napkins we require for ourselves.

How I planned it out:
  • For the first week I bought XXL Sanitary Napkins to manage the heavy flow
  • The second week I used my regular XL Sanitary Napkins
  • In the third week which only saw very little spotting, I used small napkins and then eventually moved to panty liners

Your regular periods will resume in 3-6 months post delivery. And the first period will be just like the usual one.

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