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I promised a detailed review of the skin care range by Ancient Beauty curated especially for my skin type. Now that I have used all the products for a few weeks I’m extremely thrilled to share the review with the readers. And my reviews are absolutely unbiased and un-influenced J

At the onset, most of you know by now that I’m all for natural products and simple ways of living. I believe in keeping it natural and easy. With the arrival of Baby V, a lot of my skin care routine went for a toss. Not only that I was pressed for time, but some of these de-tanning processes required a step-by-step process, and I could barely commit to any of that.
I have a normal skin type, with a bit of dryness in winters. In addition, my face had faced a sheer bit of distress due to my crazy swimming schedule in the past few weeks. I swim from 11am to 12 noon on most days. Isn’t that the worst time to subject your skin to maximum tan? So I needed something that would be gentle and yet effective, with long lasting benefits.
I used the following products from Ancient Beauty

1. The Ancient Japanese Scrub – Ah, the aroma of nature. Beginning the day with this scrub was a sheer delight. Its granular nature gently exfoliates the skin even on simple massage. I used to keep it applied as a face-pack for just 30 seconds daily, or sometimes a quick massage would do. It is a multi-purpose scrub that not just exfoliates but also nourishes skin with its good oils and minerals.

2. The Ancient Face Wash – My post-swim go-to face wash. Its creamy texture leaves the skin soft and supple. It can even be used 2-3 times a day as needed, and yes it even helps remove the stubborn make up at the end of the day. I used it typically on my face and neck as those areas would require the gentle soothing of this product. The only drawback was that it’s a little messy to use, as the mixture would not stay on the face for too long. But even then I would highly recommend it. More for the body coming up next. ;-)

3. The Ancient Fairness – This is not the typical bleachy fairness product that we come across in the market. It can be used in a relaxed state in the evening (I used it before the evening walk). For this product one can actually add milk to the powder and apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes. Since I have lot of freckles it helped me reduce them as well as it contains natural citric elements that help fade away blemishes. I saw the results in just a week.

4. The Ancient Illuminator – This product smells heavenly and brings a glow on the face instantly. I would recommend the powder with milk as it contains certain stimulating herbs and spices that help enhance the blood circulation under skin's surface due to which the radiance appears from within. I have used it before every outing for that fresh-lily look and received compliments starting from the elevator itself :D (not kidding!).

5. The Ancient Massage Powder – The product I so so needed as I have no time to head to the parlour at all. Unless the parlour comes home ;-) And this product is exactly that! It’s ideal for a home facial spa to be used along with other Ancient Beauty products in sequence for home based facial. Give it a try! All you need to for a simple home facial spa is:

Cleanse your face with 'The Ancient Face Wash' -> Scrub gently with 'The Ancient Scrub' -> Massage with 'The Ancient Massage Powder' -> Apply 'The Ancient Fairness' or 'The Ancient Illuminator as a face pack. Voila! Soft and supply skin ready in no time!

6. The Ancient Satin Body Scrub – Who minds a Balinese spa experience at home? Use everyday as a body scrub and don’t use any other soap/body wash. Add a little coconut oil (or if you don’t mind using mustard oil) and you have soft skin from top to bottom. This also helps burn cellulite with regular use. This works wonders for my dry skin.

1.     The products that I used started to show a difference on my skin within a week itself. Woot! Even when I did not use them for 4-5 days in between the effects were still there. Now that’s amazing, because most of the times the chemical-heavy creams/face washes etc that we use stop showing effects immediately when we discontinue them.
2.     The products have a soothing fragrance as they are all natural. Its therapeutic and rejuvenating.
3.     Not only do the products have a visible glow on the skin, but you can actually make out that they are organic and natural. No chemicals.
4.     All the products are for self-care and safe to use.

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