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The baby personal care industry is booming in India. Whether it is diapers, toiletries, clothes, or toys, India has become a large battleground for most brands competing for their fair share of voice. However in our growing up years there were no diapers, and barely any toiletries. How did our parents manage us in cloth nappies all through the day, or take us outside home when there were no wipes, or cerelac to fall back on? 

The daily maalish used to be done with Dabur Lal Tel, or just coconut oil. No special bath tub or toiletries. No sippy cups and fancy spoons for the baby to drink and eat from.

So much has changed now. These days we have easy access to diapers, wipes and tons of toiletries for the babies. A separate bath wash for the morning and a different one for the evening bath. Fancy towels and bath toys. It's our generation's way of pampering our little ones before we get back to our corporate lives. 

Things work a little bit different for Baby V and I. Many people give me a look of alarm when they hear that my little one has been on cloth nappies majority of the day since the age of 2 months. He is almost 10 months old now and wearing nappies for part of the night as well. He is learning to use the potty seat. He has never tasted Cerelac, or any other processed food. 

We don't use many creams or lotions. We have a simple bath routine, and no fancy tubs for engagement sake. We sing, dance, talk, play and enjoy each other's company all day. We love reading, jumping around, exploring every object in the house and evening walks with our friends. 

However, travelling outside brings about some changes to the routine. We move to diapers when we are out for long, and use wet wipes in case water isn't handy. Especially during diaper changes and wiping the baby's face after a messy meal. I had tried almost every wet wipe available in the market and was so apprehensive of using something polyester based on my baby's skin. I shudder to imagine people using wipes at home on their baby's delicate skin every time they clean the baby's skin and private areas.  All wipes have polyester as their base, which is not recommended to be used on babies. 
Recently I was introduced to Mamaearth's Wipes and hence I thought of sharing this review with you.   These wipes have been the best find for me in a long long time. 

- Mamaearth's wipes are India's 1st Organic Bamboo based wipes. What does that mean? Bamboo is biodegradable and environment friendly, hence it does not give rashes. 
- Because of their composition they are safe to be used on the baby's private parts as well.
- These wipes are enriched with Vit E, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera, which means don't cause drying of skin
- They are thicker than the polyester wipes, so a single wipe can clean much more area and mess.
- They have a soothing natural fragrance which does not irritate the baby.
- Mamaearths wipes are Ph balanced and hypoallergenic. 

All in all, a great product at a reasonable price!
Baby V giving his nod of approval on Mamaearth Wipes :D

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